30 Active Minutes

30 Active Minutes

Daily physical activity is vital for young people’s social, emotional and physical wellbeing.  By regular movement and reducing siting time this will have lasting benefit to children’s health.  Many schools already offer an average of two hours of PE or other physical activities per week. However, we need to do more to encourage children to be active every day. To support schools meet the government’s requirement that all primary school children undertake at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day in school, here is a list of resources that can be used in the classroom.

Active breaks

Active Learning

Active Environment

  • Active Travel – Focus on increasing active travel to and from school – walking school bus, bike bus https://www.crocodile.org.uk/
  • Step Challenge – Use pedometers or other device to monitor steps and encourage improvement. Set daily / weekly / monthly step challenges. Can introduce reward schemes, family challenges etc.
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