Playground Leaders

Playground Leaders is an exciting opportunity for your Yr 5/6 pupils to learn to become Sports Leaders!

The scheme is a structured programme of leadership training for Year 5 and 6 pupils that supports them working with younger children, teaching them leadership skills through co-operative games.

The scheme focuses on pupils and encourages them to take more responsibility for developing active, healthy playgrounds for all through collaborative play. 

The scheme focuses on the development of the whole child, promoting integration and co-operation amongst children of all ages and their adult counterparts.  Training is given to Year 5/6 pupils to enable them to work safely and responsibility with younger pupils at lunchtimes and after school. 

Opportunities are provided for the older pupils to learn leadership skills, how to play team games, and how to organise structured play activities in an appropriate environment.  Play leaders are then supported in the delivery of lunchtime and after school sessions where they can practice the skills they have learnt in teaching younger pupils to co-operate with each other in a safe and caring environment.  This support can be provided by the trainer, an identified member of staff and / or mid day assistants involved in the programme.

So far this academic year KSSP have delivered this scheme in St Columbas, Halewood CE, Knowsley Lane and St Aloysius, with St Marks, St Aidans, St Peter and Paul and Eastcroft all booked in before Christmas. 

In the New Year the programme will be delivered in The Sylvester, St Alberts, St Leos, Yew Tree and St Gabriels.

If you would like more information on the course please contact Kerstine Hogg or David Sweeney.