Knowsley SSP

Welcome to the Knowsley School Sport Partnership (KSSP) website where we hope to not only celebrate the successes of pupils and schools within Knowsley but also share with you the latest information around the agenda for PE and Sport .

Knowsley School Sport Partnership inspires and supports young people to achieve their sporting potential and embrace the Olympic legacy through a range of key programmes and activities.

Key sevices include,

Providing the co-ordination and delivery of regular high quality (level 2) inter school borough wide competition in a wide and diverse range of sports, ensuring that the players / teams have the opportunity to link into county (Level 3), regional and national competitions in line with national governing bodies of sport and the national School Games programme.

Increasing the number of young people participating in competitive opportunities and the depth of competitions offered. Develop, deliver and embed a clear competition structure in Knowsley with development pathways and exit routes into local sports clubs.

Providing high quality, focused continuous professional development for staff to support the delivery of high quality physical education and school sport.

Providing curriculum support and schemes of work for specific areas of physical education.

Working strategically with schools to develop links, raise standards and improve transition between primary, special schools and centres for Learning.

Identifying and attracting additional sources of funding to support sustainable development activity. For example Healthy Lifestyles coaching programme targeting schools with overweight and obese children.

Supporting schools with the delivery of sports leadership and providing suitable pathways to grow and deploy young people in high quality leadership and volunteering roles.

Providing access to financial resources and/or programmes from national corporate sponsors and other local private / public sector delivery funding through the relationships developed locally by the School Sport Partnership.

Working with schools to integrate and connect to the wider community through direct links with local voluntary community sports clubs.

Offering a recognition programme to reward schools for establishing a formalised link.

Providing information and working with partners to sign post young people to appropriate high quality community sport pathways.

Providing programmes and resources that can contribute towards:

Additional evidence for school self evaluations, PE development plans and Ofsted.

Improving  the health of young people within the school.

Increasing opportunities for participation in sport for ALL young people regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or level of performance.

PE and sport being used as a driver to improve behaviour, attainment and attendance and contribute to the school ethos.