KSSP Personal Challenges And Activites – Clear the Area Challenge

Week 7 of the Personal Best Challenges is now Live!

Find the Clear the Area challenge attached below, a fun and easy game that can be played in teams or on your own!

If playing individually, set up as many items in an area as you can, you can use balls. socks, clothes, soft toys or anything! When the time starts try to clear as many away as you can into a clothes basket or marked area, try to beat your score each time!

Or try the team version attached below!

KSSP will be promoting physical activity to all young people across the borough, each week we will be devising weekly programmes of fun, physical activity ideas and personal challenges which can be completed in the home, with little or no equipment. Please find below personal challenges which you can encourage your children to complete!

These will be updated weekly and we will promote the activities and challenges through our twitter account, @knowsleyssp , make sure you get involved and tweet us your results!

#StaySafeStayActive #StayHomeStayActive #StayInWorkOut