School Games Eurovision Tik Tok!

School Games Eurovision Tik Tok is coming to schools across Merseyside. This is an opportunity not to be missed! What could be better than using the magic of the Eurovision song contest to get pupils across Merseyside active and having fun?

It’s easy to get involved, show your pupils the tutorial and  Tik Tok attached and away you go. You can share the link:

Please encourage pupils to practice. This may also make a good active break in Primary schools. Perform as a class, year group or even the whole school!

For those who are able, we are encouraging schools across Merseyside to perform the Tik Tok dance at 2pm on Friday 12th May so that we can all dance together. This  will be a huge show of support for Mae Muller, the UK entrant, will allow pupils to feel part of a massive event and will bring the Eurovision Song Contest that bit closer to all our pupils.

Please share your efforts on social media using #SchoolGamesEurovision and tag us in.

Have fun!