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Girls Football Partnership

Girls Football Schools Partnership

Knowsley School Sport Partnership is proud to be one of only 150 Girls Football Hubs across the Country.  Being a Girls Football Hub gives our schools the opportunity to access new and exciting initiatives that will support the Football Association and the Youth Sport Trust’s vision to give every girls equal access to football in schools by 2024.

By 2024 we aim to have:

  • 75% of schools providing football in the curriculum for girls
  • 90% of schools providing football participation opportunities for girls

There are lots of training and resources that schools can access.

Girls Football in schools website

This website has been designed as a one-stop-shop for all schools to access, support, practical resources and useful information to develop girls football provision in your school

The FA Shooting Stars programme inspired by Disney

This programme is made up of two initiatives; Active Play Through Story Telling and Girls’ Football Clubs, both have been developed to support the engagement of girls aged 5-11 years old. There are some fantastic resources available to support you in delivering these sessions including story books, flipbooks and videos, as well as ‘take home’ adventure passports so children can share their experiences with parents/carers.

  • The FA Shooting Stars Active Play Through Storytelling programme inspired by Disney has been developed to support girls aged 5-8 in developing their physical literacy, speaking and listening skills through creative play and storytelling. The resources are designed to achieve the learning objectives based on Key Stage 1 Literacy and PE.
  • The FA Shooting Stars Girls’ Football Club programme inspired by Marvel has been developed to truly capture the imagination of Primary age girls, using super-human powers, high-tech gadgets and superheroes. There are resources available for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Barclays Game On

Barclays Game On part of England Football was developed by the Youth Sport Trust (YST) in partnership with England Football. Barclays Game On is designed to support secondary schools to create engaging, meaningful and enjoyable girls’ football opportunities in their schools.
Through the Barclays Game On three elements, you can engage girls in curriculum physical education through a life skills approach, using football as the vehicle (GO Teach). Empower girls to become girls’ football activators and design, create and deliver opportunities for their peers to play (GO Lead). Inspire girls’ to enjoy extra-curricular football with ready-made resources and sessions (GO Play).
Find the Barclays Game On offer that will support your school! For more information see the programme brochure 


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