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School Games

What is the School Games?

Funded by Sport England and delivered by the Youth Sport Trust, the School Games is a framework delivered locally by a national network of 450 School Games Organisers who aspire to make a positive and meaningful difference to the lives of children and young people through sport and physical activity.

Mission and Vision

The School Games will make a positive and meaningful difference to the lives of children and young people through sport and physical activity.

The School Games will continue to put physical activity and school sport at the heart of schools, and provide young people with the opportunity to enjoy and learn through competition to achieve their personal best.


To celebrate the ongoing investment into the School Games, in July 2023, three School Games pledges have been made through to 2025:

  1. Tackle inequalities to increase participation of schools from the most underserved communities
  2. Ensure physical literacy and positive experiences are created and promoted for children and young people
  3. Embed youth engagement to enhance the principle of ‘by young people, for young people’.

These pledges aim to address the national priorities of tackling inequalities, youth engagement, and physical literacy through the School Games.

The School Games outcomes

The School Games has five clear outcomes to ensue there is a clear direction for the network:

  1. To advocate and position the delivery of the Chief Medical Officer’s daily active minutes for all young people, as a universal offer to maintain and grow school engagement
  2. To ensure all competition has clear intent and creates positive experiences based on the motivation, competence and confidence of the young people that need out support the most
  3. To have a clear focus on secondary school engagement and transition points
  4. To support the personal development of targeted young people through youth engagement and leadership
  5. To advocate and engage key stakeholders on the value of School Games to support local provision and improve the experience for young people and their families.

What makes an event School Games?

  • School Games branding is present throughout the duration of events
  • Participation figures are maximised through the use of round robin or league formats
  • Competitions follow the National Governing Body formats and are age group appropriate
  • There is a strong emphasis on inclusion at School Games events to ensure all young people are given the opportunity to take part
  • Young people are offered additional opportunities to take part by leading or officiating
  • Community opportunities are signposted to clearly
  • Participants are encouraged to follow our Spirit of the Games values: determination, eco-friendly, honesty, passion, respect, self belief, and teamwork.

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