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Leadership and Volunteering

Leadership and volunteering activities provide children and young people with the opportunity to develop and enhance skills that can help later on in life. These transferable skills can include public speaking, teamwork, and organisation. This can help develop a young person’s self-esteem and confidence and have been shown to help young people become more employable. Sport relies on approximately 1.5 million volunteers, officials, coaches, administrators and managers to help local clubs and organisations. The impact that volunteers have on sport and to the individuals themselves should never be underestimated or undervalued.

Knowsley School Sport Partnership believes that everyone has the potential to make a meaningful contribution to their local school and community. Anyone given the right opportunity can get involved in leadership and or volunteering. We have a variety of leadership and volunteering opportunities for children, young people and university students to get involved with.

We offer extensive opportunities for children and young people to volunteer at our comprehensive range of events, and we have hundreds of young leaders assist us in the delivery of these competitions every year.

We also offer Playground Leader Training to our primary schools, which gives an introduction to leadership and coaching to KS2 children. This programme also helps them develop their confidence, communication and organisational skills.

Our Leadership Academy and Sports Ambassadors programme sees young people from our secondary schools attend training workshops and conferences, whilst allowing them a voice to help shape PE and sport within their own schools and the wider Knowsley community.

For more information on our Leadership and Volunteering programmes email Kerstine Hogg at



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