School Games Mark Self Review Framework

The School Games Mark award has again been paused for another year and instead for this academic year 2020/21, it has been positioned as a self-review tool to support schools reflect on their involvement in the School Games in light of the country’s ongoing plight with COVID-19.

This new tool is a useful resource, allowing schools to reflect on their current provision and uptake and how the School Games can be positioned to help all young people reconnect and engage in school life.

Like the Mark Award, the self-review tool can be accessed directly on the School Games dashboard. Schools have been asked to submit their answers before February half term and those that do will get a school reward. In the  Summer schools will updated the tool and share any practice that you are proud of or has made a difference to your young people.

Please see the documents below for more information, more detail can also be found here.

SGM-Framework-2020-21 (1)